Introducing Polly & Fergie

Polly & Fergie, are of course our beautiful hound mascots and inspiration to our plant-based food and lifestyle movement.

The humans behind all the hound cuteness are Paula & Alaistar.

Some time ago, we decided a  lifestyle change was in order, and with it came a re-united passion for food, Alastair has always worked in kitchens including being London based at Aldo Zilli & Le Gavroche. 

With the help of social interaction and media, it’s becoming much easier to see the real effects of industrial farming and its impact on our planet. 

There is a huge shift in the younger generations attitude and relationship with food. Through our own experiences with being vegan, we struggle to find a spot to eat in at all times, and whilst we have good well-known brand restaurants starting to cater for the vegan movement, There is not enough inspiration, loud shouting and movement to save the planet through the power of our bellies.

And so, his is where we want to fill the gap, Whilst filling bellies.

Tell us more about Polly & Fergie

Fergie is a lurcher, he’s a bit lary, his favourite place is laying in the kitchen by the oven or sprawled out under the table listening to the sounds of food being eaten and chatter. After a year of being with us he got sad, when he woke in the morning he raised an eyelid but he didn’t move, he went in the wild wood and would go searching, he loves running, he runs with the wind as he has no one else to run with... Along came Polly, she is refined, Polly likes to sit on the sofa, and watch her food being prepared for her, she likes the finer things, art and quiet times cuddling, but now when we take them to the wild woods they run with the wind. Like Polly & Fergie one compliments the other, the concept for our café is born of Love, a love for change….a love of food that redefines the routine of ages.


Make plant based diets the way forward

We could talk about the benefits, however, we understand that people do not need to be made to feel bad about their choices. Being a vegan Nazi is not our style, it’s about challenging the thought and giving your body the best diet and fuel available.

Question if you do REALLY need to eat meat?

With a gentle approach, we will not advertise we are an entirely Vegan movement as we do not want to alienate individuals who see our dishes, but then feel put off by there being no meat on the menu. We feel sure once they have stepped into our world you will love the fresh food we offer. Daily visits to the local market ensure fresh consistent food as well as supporting the local smaller retailer whilst creating our dishes.

Plant based life can be scrumptious

Similar to how Polly met Fergie, Alastair & Paula came together in unusual circumstances with a shared passion for art, music & even more passion for the food they just want to produce excellent freshly made food in their local town where currently none exists. With a small cosy charming background where love is served into every portion, we have no dount you will be blown away by such culinairy delights.

Our latest culinary creations to inspire


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When Polly met Fergie


When Polly Met Fergie

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